SKAIDULA - all you need for your fiber network!

Skaidula has started it’s activity in 1989 by designing, producing and disposing of metrological equipment and cables for telecommunications. In 1994, Skaidula became a representative of Siemens in Lithuania and began assembling and servicing the Siemens PBXs and selling Siemens phones.

In the same year Skaidula JSC became representative of the Swiss company Reichle & De-Massari in Lithuania and began to supply Lithuanian market with quality switching equipment for telephone and optical lines.

In the same year, Skaidula JSC became authorized representative of FUJIKURA – one of the largest manufacturer of optical connectors and fiber welding hardware. The company acquired Swiss DIAMOND equipment for the production of fiber optic cable connectors in 1996 and started producing high quality fiber optic connectors. Currently, the company is among the largest Lithuanian telecommunication companies capable of providing their customers with complex voice, video and data network solutions.

Quality Policy

JSC “SKAIDULA” aims to be one of the leading Lithuanian companies in telecommunication and fiber-optic technologies. We offer products that satisfy customers’ current and future needs and continually absorb and deploy the most advanced technological innovations.

 JSC “Skaidula” is certified according to
 ISO 9001:2015/LST EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In our activities we are guided by the principle:


By implementing these principles, we commit to:

  • The provision of services will be guided by a global quality level, both in the field of technology and customer care.
  • Manage all internal organizational processes efficiently. Be open to innovation, a clearly managed, flexible and dynamic organisation.
  • Give maximum attention to all of your customers-former, current and prospective. This focus covers all phases of customer work.
  • Carefully select their suppliers so that we can guarantee the quality of the products being provided.
  • Promote the learning and development of employees, their initiative to take responsibility, while striving for joint company success.
  • To participate naturally and organically in the business and social society, to support socially significant development programmes.
  • Meet all harmonised quality requirements for customers, workers, society and continuously improve the quality system performance.