1U Patch Panels 16-port


  • Modular design with the capacity of holding 16 x shielded or unshielded single RJ45 connection modules
  • Snap-in jumpering brackets
  • Integrated cable tie shelf
  • Shielded versions come with a complete and integrated grounding system
  • Suitable for the Data Safe Lock coding system, protecting the panel
    against electronic damage or interferences in network operation
  • Labeling window including exchangeable labeling strips
  • Individual labeling with A4 labeling sheets

19" 1U Patch Panel 16xRJ45/u, Cat.5e, fully populated

R305885 19" 1U Patch Panel 16xRJ45/s, Cat.5e, fully populated

R305888 19" 1U Patch Panel 16xRJ45/u, Cat.6, fully populated

R305887 19" 1U Patch Panel 16xRJ45/s, Real10 Cat.6, fully populated

R305890 19" 1U Patch Panel 16-Port/u, empty

R305889 19" 1U Patch Panel 16-Port/s, empty