FM Global Outlets


  • Suitable for flush-mounted (FM) and duct-mounted (DM) installations
  • For use with cover frames and duct covers of Ø 70 mm in diameter or 70x70 mm cutouts
  • Suitable for backboxes and floorbox module holders of Ø 60 mm mounting tracks
  • Recommended depth for backboxes and floorboxes ≥ 70 mm
  • Plastic halogen-free in acc. with DIN/VDE 0472/815

R310788 FM Global Outlet 88x88, 2x1-Port, pure white

R310789 FM Global Outlet 88x88, 2x1-Port, oyster white

R305150 FM Global Outlet 88x88, 4x1-Port, pure white

R316075 FM Global Outlet Blind 88x88, pure white